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Rent car Cabrioletclass in Chisinau

Rent a Cabriolet to enjoy a breathtaking view. Whether you opt for a trip to a corner of Moldova or want to go through the city, the convertible can be driven both with the roof down and away, as the car is very well soundproofed, you will enjoy every minute behind the wheel of this type of car. You can rent convertible cars to convince yourself of the charm of convertible cars, which will face any challenge. These cars have a dynamic and modern design, front panels with intelligent infotainment systems and soft acoustic roof that opens automatically in just a few seconds, to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

Car rental services in Chisinau, wide range of Cabriolet class cars. Online booking of the car you need. 24/24 delivery at Chisinau airport and within the city limits.


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