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Rent car Hatchbackclass in Chisinau

From 25 € / Day

Year: 2008 automatic petrol-hibrid

From 20 € / Day

Year: 2012 manual petrol

From 25 € / Day

Year: 2015 manual diesel

From 24 € / Day

Year: 2017 automatic diesel

From 29 € / Day

Year: 2016 automatic petrol-hibrid

From 27 € / Day

Year: 2014 automatic petrol-hibrid

From 26 € / Day

Year: 2012 manual petrol

From 30 € / Day

Year: 2017 automatic petrol
If you are looking for a safe and comfortable car to travel anywhere and anytime throughout the Republic of Moldova, then our company will provide a wide range of cars in the hatchback class. Renting a hatchback is the right choice for both urban driving, as well as rural. Having a spacious trunk, even the folding rear seat, you can easily load even the most voluminous luggage. Even though the first cars in the hatchback category appeared in the 60's, the progress and speed with which technology has evolved reflects the fact that today's cars are much more comfortable, equipped with the latest and newest driver assistance technologies, so driving has become a real pleasure. Hatchbacks have a compact design, so they have increased maneuverability, being easier to drive in traffic, but also to park even in the narrowest places. In conclusion, we can say that a hatchback class car remains one of the most popular on the car market, being versatile, spacious, comfortable and safe.

Car rental services in Chisinau, wide range of Hatchback class cars. Online booking of the car you need. 24/24 delivery at Chisinau airport and within the city limits.


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